Science headlines of the day from UWA and Uni Wollongong

CMM thought “Elusive excitonic insulator observed by researchers” from the University of Wollongong would be impossible to beat. Until UWA asked “Are laxatives the answer to more powerful mobiles, cars that run better?” According to UoW, excitonic insulators have “novel and useful properties” in “new technologies for low-energy electronics for use in high-performance computing. For people who understand that the research is here.

But UWA comes close, reporting that scientists there, with US, UK and French colleagues have created a “detergent-like substance” after studying the molecular structure of laxatives.” The result opens-up “a whole new way of storing electricity.”

CMM has no clue how this works either, but the science is here.

The mind boggles at what the two teams could achieve in combination, and the headline to explain it.


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