New VET teaching credential

The Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia (ACPET as was) announces its own accreditations

“Individuals who are established assessors and trainers able to demonstrate their competency and professionalism within the vocational education and training sector are eligible to apply” for its new certified education practitioner credential, ITECA states. So are registered training organisations managers, “who have a reputation for managing affairs sustainably and in a competent manner.”

Continuing professional development is required to maintain certification.

Given the terrible beating the reputation of all VET private providers unfairly copped during the VET FEE HELP disaster this is a smart move. The scheme will also help registered training organisations meet key regulatory requirements.

But it does not address the broader question of teaching qualifications in both public and private sectors.

There’s a research case for requiring VET teachers to be degree qualified in teaching (CMM June 21 2018) but it does not get much of a run (funny that), with a Certificate Four being the base for teaching in TAFE.


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