Unis wondering what’s in performance funding for them

By Claire Field

Each of the university peak bodies issued media releases welcoming the report of the Wellings Review, aka the Report for the Minister for Education on Performance-Based Funding for The Commonwealth Grant Scheme. However, in the detail of their statements most actually only went so far as welcoming the opportunity to discuss measures further with the government (or words to that effect). No doubt, that is because each university is buried deep in spreadsheets working out how they perform against the proposed measures and what that will mean for them.

It’s been interesting as an outsider to look at what measures are being proposed and how the universities perform against them. In fact, while there is a lot of university-level performance data which is publicly available, it can’t be perfectly aligned to the measures proposed in the report (for example, while data is available on the QILT website on graduate employment rates, the report recommends this measure be contextualised for local employment rates using linear progression).

Noting this, I nonetheless found it interesting to look at each university’s performance on publicly available measures of student attrition, graduate employment and student satisfaction with teacher quality. The information is here.

Claire Field analyses VET and international education



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