Campus Morning Mail Summer edition

And Kevin Sheedy coached the Poughkeepsie Magpies in the US AFL

US sports site Grantland reports on the University of Melbourne educated coach of a team which won something in the medieval combat the yanks call football. “Like most American football coaches Eric Mangini began his career in Australia.”

Old money

It’s not just the announcement of winners in the 16th CRC round that is running a little late. Yesterday the Australian Research Council announced (via Twitter) “Round 2 of the Industrial Transformation Research Hubs for funding commencing in 2013 (IH13 Round 2) will open on Wednesday, 15 January 2014.” (Wollongong won one and Monash two in round one). I’m guessing everybody interested was told individually, if only to assist fogeys who do not get all their news via tweets.  I wonder if Round Two cheques will be backdated.
The ARC also announced yesterday 2014-15 funding rules for a bunch of Discovery Program schemes. Researchers who want to hang on to the holiday mood are advised to leave reading to Monday, although the news that 2015 grants are available for five years might cheer them up.

Compare and contrast

Monash ‘s new student recruitment campaign on YouTube is funny, smart and stars students who know not to take themselves seriously. Macquarie’s, on the other hand, could be made for any university in the country and screened in cinemas over Christmas. The content is as predictable as the format. Guess which brand people will remember.

What wizardry is this?

The University of Sydney Quidditch team is flying to the United States (presumably without need of an aircraft) to play in the world cup. The trip is supported by $5000 from the University of Sydney Union Access Card, a product, which delivers students discounts on goods and services and costs $75 per annum. Not to mention the satisfaction of subsidising people playing an inferior version of a made-up game, which in its full form requires participants to fly on broom sticks. Good-oh, except $3m of the $10m the Access Card raised came from the Student Services and Amenities Fee. There is no reason to doubt the Quidditch cash was allocated according to the rules, even so the grant is as silly as it is indulgent.