Yet more ideas to improve regional uni achievements

The feds review of regional, remote and rural post school education, chaired by Denis Napthine had heaps to say in “a framing paper” to set a context for submissions (CMM January 24) and so university groups duly responded.  But Dr Napthine and colleagues have a bunch more ideas, which they set out in six more papers on a range of issues, including access and retention. And so, the endlessly energetic Regional Universities Network and Innovative Research Universities shouldered their policy swags and delivered responses to them as well.

RUN backs proposals in the papers including, * flexible delivery modes in regional centre study-hubs. * uncapping UG, enabling and pathway places, for courses “in areas of regional skill need”. * enhanced RRR focus by the Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Programme. * new research funding grants for RUN universities. * halving existing gaps in urban-RRR attainment levels by 2030. * a RRR education commissioner.

Some IRU recommendations are, * the government fundall additional enrolments” at RRR campuses. * tying equity funding to specific outcomes per university. * “build research capacity as part of a broader suite of action to strengthen the capability of RRR university operations”


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