What’s in and what’s out in student preferences

Deakin U announces shows how school-leaver discipline preferences have changed

This year’s top ten is science heavy, with nursing, biomedical science and exercise-sports science being the top three.

Plain old science is fifth, criminology/psychological science is seventh with health science and psych science the last two of the top ten.

Commerce is down from second spot in 2010 and 2015, and while arts stays strong (first in 2010, fourth in 2105 and this year) law, which just made the last two lists is out altogether.

But the bad news is for education. Primary teaching was third in 2010 and ’15 – it’s nowhere now.

Yes, it is only one year at one university but it is a sign in the skies supporting Greg Craven’s (ACU VC) warning that the unpopularity of primary teaching degrees is such that down the track governments will have to import teachers (CMM, October 28).