Virus crisis opportunity for Uni Southern Queensland

The university is discounting on-line course fees for students at other unis caught in China by the virus ban

The long-time DE providers announces a 25 cut in first semester course costs for Chinese students of other Australian universities who are now prevented from coming to their enrolled campus.

USQ says such students will need approval from their uni for this “cross-institutional study.”

““This is a goodwill gesture, backed by our expertise and experience in online learning, to ensure that the Australian university sector continues to maintain its excellent reputation in China,” Vice Chancellor Geraldine Mackenzie says.

It is also a brilliant bit of brand building, generating awareness of USQ as calmly getting on with teaching, while institutions with famous names scramble to present themselves as distance providers. USQ adds that Chinese students have studied on-line with it, “for decades”.

The university also wisely adds, “it offers a wide range of scholarships and flexible study options for domestic students.”