Macquarie U management asks staff what they think

Last year management was criticised for not sharing information and consulting with staff – so the university is doing both

Macquarie U invites staff to contribute ideas on-line for the 2020-24 operating plan. It follows campus outrage late last year when management announced that it was closing a faculty and distributing its departments to save money. Macquarie observers suggest that some senior staff were surprised in November by just how aggrieved staff were at what was considered inadequate information on the university’s financial position.

Perhaps this is why Vice Chancellor S Bruce Dowton now hopes staff, “will use this opportunity to submit ideas, discuss input from others and provide feedback on ways we can collaborate to embrace change and move forward with a collective vision that you have helped build.”

Last year Professor Dowton said savings were necessary, in part because of expected flat demand from international students (CMM November 6).  At least he’s not telling people he told them so.