Merger choice for Uni SA

Uni Adelaide – Uni SA-merge or no recommendations are imminent. David Lloyd sets the context according to “Avengers: Infinity War.” His colleagues would have expected nothing else

Uni SA’s VC tells staff they are all approaching “a branch-point in Uni SA’s timeline.”

One branch takes the university along its present path, same size, same successes for students, generating $22m pa in good years to invest in teaching, research and engagement.

The other is a “a new South Australian ‘university for the future’ ”.

“That university aspires to be a leading contemporary comprehensive university of global standing. It plans to dedicate itself to ensuring the prosperity, well-being and cohesion of society by addressing educational inequality through its actions and through the success and impact of its students, staff and alumni.”

Dr Strange in Avengers had to model 14 000m alternatives. Uni SA and Uni Adelaide are in a bit better shape but leaders must make a choice. Uni SA’s council decides end June.

Lloyd is not making a pick, saying, “along either branch, there is of course, a future. A future with an abundance of time for co-creation and invention and working together to craft the best outcomes.”

But “a university for the future” has a ring to it.