UNSW on the Keypath

The university announces its first two programmes, “designed in partnership” with Keypath Education, a master of analytics and a master of data science

The US company claims “expertise in immersive online education experiences” and works with five other Australian universities.

While UNSW academics will design and teach the courses, Keypath handles the product research, student recruitment and support, “giving students a cohesive and consistent UNSW experience.”

This could be the start of something big. Last year UNSW said it would have over 600 blended delivery courses in five years, (although how many were to be Keypath partnered was not mentioned). The university has already created a new Moodle LMS theme for on-line courses, “a unified view to guide them through study.” And VC Ian Jacobs suggests more off-campus courses, “there is a mismatch between where the need and demand for higher education is globally, and where the expertise resides.”  UNSW is now offering MOOCs, via Future Learn, in India, through private provider Amity U (CMM June 18).


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