Appointments, achievements

Hazel Bateman (UNSW) is the inaugural president of the International Pension Research Association. Professor Bateman’s UNSW colleague John Piggott is a member of the association’s foundation board.  Professor Bateman is also appointed director of academic strategy in the UNSW business school.

Denise Woods joins the University of the Sunshine Coast as PVC Students. She joins from CQU where she is an engaged research chair and director of the Centre for Regional Advancement of Learning.

 Don Markwell is the next warden of St Marks College at the University of Adelaide, commencing in November. He is a former warden of Trinity College at the University of Melbourne and now leads St Paul’s at the University of Sydney. Dr Markwell was an adviser to Chris Pyne as education minister.

Hala Batainah (ex Microsoft) is the new chair of the Canberra Innovation Network, which supports  start-ups and SMEs. ANU, Canberra Institute of Technology, CSIRO, Data61, Uni Canberra and UNSW Canberra are members.


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