UNSW not for moving on new teaching timetable

When it comes to trimesters management is not for moving

Last week a library-lawn of people protested the new UNSW trimester system, with another event scheduled for Foundation Day, this Thursday’s anniversary of UNSW’s establishment in 1949. But management is not for moving – trimesters are a big part of the university’s 2025 plan.

VC Ian Jacobs tells the university community that student concerns with “the configuration of material, the number of assessments, and the timing between teaching and assessing,” “are noted” and that there is work underway on “refinements,” “to enhance student satisfaction and attainment.”

“We will continue to refine the new calendar to ensure it provides the flexibility for students and staff, facilitates the appointment of education-focussed staff who do so much for our students, and allows teaching and research staff to manage teaching commitments to allow time for their research.”


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