UniSydney management to push-on with Ramsay Civ Centre consultations

The University of Sydney’s arts and social sciences faculty board met yesterday and as expected (CMM, Monday) discussed terms of a possible discussion with the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation, about its funding courses on campus.

It does not sound like any board members who had already made up their minds changed them.

After the meeting, Provost Stephen Garton congratulated board members for “the thoughtful and engaged debate,” if not, it seems much enthusiasm for a deal.

“Discussion indicated that some members of the university community remain deeply opposed to the introduction of such a program while others would find it acceptable as long as academic autonomy is guaranteed absolutely. At the same time, it is important to acknowledge that the Ramsay Centre, as potential donors, have legitimate concerns and rights.” Professor Garton told university staff.

Professor Ivison also advised that management will push on with the promised process. ”Today’s meeting was an early step in the consultation process around what we hope to put to the Ramsay Board as a starting point for further discussions in future. The next step will be to initiate wider university consultation”.


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