Union fury (that’s FURY!) at Flinders U

The union at Flinders U is rating a record-low on the Bob Cratchit Scale of Seasonal Goodwill, with news that management will roll-out its academic restructure over the summer.

Staff and students are at boiling point over the destructive and shambolic restructure process. Everyone is expressing no confidence in the VC and chancellor to deliver ethical governance or empowering leadership,” Andrew Miller, campus president of the National Tertiary Education Union tells CMM.

Dr Miller‘s remarks follow a recommendation from the Fair Work Commission that the union and management agree on a process for academics to apply for teaching or research positions, with no guarantee that all present staff will win a place (CMM Friday).

He is also upset with the university council, which was not swayed by academics who spoke against the restructure at a meeting on Thursday. “We saw a council structure captured by the wills of  the VC and Chancellor. We went from a collegial and socially-just university to a raw corporate abomination.Dr Miller had more to say, but you get the idea.

University management has been working on the restructure since 2016 and on Thursday the FWC recommended that “the organisational change process should continue with some urgency,” (CMM Friday).



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