UniMelbourne leads in new Times Higher subject rankings

The Times Higher Education subject rankings are out for business and economics, education, lawsocial sciences.

There are no especial surprises. The University of Melbourne is first in the ANZ ranking for three of the discipline groups and second, to ANU, in social sciences. UniMelbourne is in the world top 50 in three out of four groups and tenth in the world for law. All up there are 12 Australian universities in the global law top 100.

Overall, the Group of Eight do not hold all the top positions in every category. UTS is a strong performer, in the top Australian ten in three categories. QUT is twice in the first ten.

THE says these rankings use the same the methodology as the group’s all of university league tables.

The Australian and New Zealand rankings are:

Business and Economics: UniMelb 43. ANU 50. UNSW 70. UoQ =73. Monash U = 94. QUT 99. 101-125 band. UniSydney. 126-150 band. Uni SA. UTS. 151-175 band. Uni Auckland. Uni Canterbury. 176-200 band. Griffith U. UniNewcastle. UWA. UniWollongong. 201-250 band. UniAdelaide. UniCanberra. Deakin U. Macquarie U. RMIT. 251-300 band. James Cook U, La Trobe U. Uni Otago. UTas. Uni Waikato. 301-400 band. Bond U. CQU. Curtin U. Massey U. Southern Cross U. Western Sydney U. Victoria U of Wellington. 401-500 band. Auckland U Tech. Edith Cowan U. Murdoch U. Uni Southern Queensland. Swinburne U. Victoria U.

Education: UniMelbourne 24. UniSydney = 33. Uni Auckland = 35 UoQ = 39. Monash U =57. UNSW=57. UTS = 69. UWA = 75. Macquarie U = 84. Victoria U of Wellington = 94. 101-125 band. Curtin U. Deakin U. Griffith U. QUT. Uni SA. 126-150 band. Uni Otago. Uni Wollongong. 151-175 band Uni Adelaide. Flinders U. Uni Newcastle. 176-200 band. Uni Canberra. Murdoch U. Swinburne U. 201-250 band. ACU. RMIT. Western Sydney U. 251-300 band. Auckland U of Tech. La Trobe U. Massey U. Uni of Canterbury. Uni Waikato. Victoria U. 301-400 band. CQU. Charles Darwin U. Edith Cowan U, James Cook U. Southern Cross U. Uni  Southern Queensland. Uni Sunshine Coast. U Tas.

Law: UniMelbourne 10. UNSW 23. UniSydney 32. UoQ 40. ANU 53. QUT 63. UTS =68. Griffith U = 71. Monash U = 79. Uni SA = 81. Uni Tas = 85. Uni Wollongong = 90. 101-125 band. Uni Auckland. 126-150 band. Uni Adelaide. Curtin U. Macquarie U. UWA. 151 + band. Deakin U. Western Sydney U.

Social Sciences: ANU = 27. UniMelbourne = 52. UoQ = 84. UniSydney = 99. 101-125 band. UNSW. 126-150 band. UWA. 151-175 band. Uni Auckland. Monash U. 176-200 band. James Cook U. 201-250 band. Uni Adelaide. Uni Canterbury. Curtin U. Griffith U. Macquarie U. Murdoch U. Uni Otago. UTS. Victoria U of Wellington. 251-300 band. Uni Canterbury. Uni Waikato. Western Sydney U. Uni Wollongong. 301 – 400 band. Deakin U. La Trobe U. Massey U. Uni Newcastle. RMIT. Southern Cross U. Uni Sunshine Coast. Uni Tas. 401-500 band. Auckland U Tech. CQU. Edith Cowan U. Flinders U. Swinburne U. Victoria U. Bond U. 501 – 600 band. Charles Darwin U


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