Achievements: Prime Minister’s science prizes announced

PM’s Science Prize: Kurt Lambeck from the ANU receives $250 000 for “transforming our understanding of our living planet”

PM’s Prize for Innovation: The Finisar Australia team (Simon Poole, Andrew Bartos, Glenn Baxter, Steven Frisken) are awarded $250 000 for, “creating and commercialising technologies that underpin the global internet.”

Frank Fenner Prize for life scientist of the year: Lee Berger (James Cook U and University of Melbourne) receives $50 000 for “solving the mystery of frog extinction”.

Malcolm McIntosh Prize for physical science: Jack Clegg (University of Queensland) is awarded $50 000 for “creating flexible crystals and new separation technologies.”

The $50 000 new innovators prize: Geoff Rogers, Wintermute Biomedical for a “robotic guidewire that cardiologists can steer with a joystick through the body to reach a damaged artery.”

Primary Science teacher: Brett Crawford, Warrigal Road State School, Brisbane wins the $50 000 award.

Secondary Science teacher: The $50 000 goes to Scott Sleap from the Cessnock Learning Community.


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