Uni Queenslander leaders defend free speech

The VC says what needed to be said

On Wednesday, University of Queensland media issued a statement on the violent dispute on campus between supporters and opponents of the Hong Kong protests, which put the w in weasel, (CMM yesterday).

But yesterday Vice Chancellor Peter Hoj spoke up, telling the university community what it surely wanted to hear.

“Our values guide us to respect the diverse views of others. We need to be able to disagree well, and allow our staff and students to feel safe in expressing their own views. When this takes on a character that puts our people at risk, the university will step in and take the necessary action. This is what we had to do yesterday, when, unfortunately, a student protest resulted in safety concerns for those present.

“The university has zero tolerance for violence and intimidation.”

So does the NTEU

The campus branch of the National Tertiary Education Union also spoke-out, yesterday.

Threats, intimidation or force against students or staff rallying in defence of democracy and human rights, and acts of racism against any international students, are unacceptable at this university.”


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