U Tas translating law into English for international students

The university is cutting-back, but not ending, extra tutorials for international students in core law subjects

International students enrolled in law initially thought the extra support for them was all cancelled and some were not happy, petitioning the university to keep the classes.

“Most international law students do not have English as their first language and attending these international students support programme tutorials help with understanding difficult legal jargons and to grasp concepts better,” the petitioners claimed.

But not to worry, the university says, “there has been a reduction in ISSP tutorials but it will still extend to any interested students.

This is wise, given Hilary Winchester’s recent review of recruiting and supporting international students at U Tas recommended discipline-specific language courses, “in order to introduce more appropriate vocabulary, or alternatively the development of language units within degree courses, as a means of improving pass rates from ELC students.” The university accepted the recommendation.


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