Uni Queensland internet attacked

The university confronted “multiple” denial of service attacks

There was an “emergency incident affecting all internet services” at the University of Queensland, Thursday. The net went down at lunch-time Thursday did not return until just before 10pm. But Friday morning the university advised “internet services are currently running at a reduced capacity,’ and that IT was working “to resolve any issues.”

Late Friday, Uni Queensland told CMM it could; “confirm that since Thursday it was subject to multiple denial-of-service cyber-attacks, resulting in our website being intermittently available on that day. The incidents did not breach any of the university’s firewalls or access any of the university’s systems. The university’s cyber security team is continuing to monitor the situation.”

So, who is doing the denying?  Who knows? It could be people pissed-off that the university hosts a Chinese Government funded Confucius Centre.  It could be others annoyed that the university spoke up for students right to protest, including against the Hong Kong government. Or maybe it is foiled Iranian data thieves, who the Uni Queensland has seen off in recent years (CMM March 29 2018).


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