Uni Melbourne passes-on pet care

As expected, the university will close the animal hospital at its Werribee campus (CMM Tuesday), Saturday week – but it will re-open under new management in early ’23

The hospital has served as a community vet, as part of providing practical training for veterinary students. However the university says increasing costs and staff shortages make it unsustainable (CMM November 9).

At least for Uni Melbourne – GreenCross Pet Wellness takes over next year, providing general practise and emergency care.

As part of the deal, “a number of university staff members” will work there “to provide clinical teaching and placement opportunities” for Uni Melbourne veterinary students.

This is a good, if last minute, result for the university. Closing the hospital generates anguish among staff fearful for their jobs as well as anxiety among customers who rely on it for pet care. The university’s plan to close made TV news (CMM November 23)– which is never good for any university restructure.