U Tas sticks with sale of desirable property

The university’s plan to relocate into the Hobart CBD is in-place now it comes to paying for it, in part by turning parts of the existing Sandy Bay campus into housing

Over three-years, university management has worked to sell the move to staff and students and made-nice with people in the city centre, with a poultice of publications and presentations (umpteen CMM stories since April 9 2019).

Perhaps management though everybody was consulted out, but nothing doing with new protests at the university leaving Sandy Bay and what it plans for the space.

Yesterday VC Rufus Black went on ABC Radio in Hobart to talk about the move – just not for long. After five minutes or so the 20-minute interview progressed to other issues, staff pay, the future of the lecture, first in family UG access, for starters. And very happy indeed Professor Black sounded answering questions and addressing issues on subjects other than Sandy Bay.