Train wreck of university hopes

The University of Sydney is upset that timetable changes have expresses on major rail lines roaring through Redfern, the nearest station to campus. This means students and staff need to change at the next stop and double back. “These timetabling changes create major complications for the university’s already significant public transport pressures, and in a further blow, we are dismayed to learn that these changes have happened without any consultation with those affected,” Vice Chancellor Michael Spence says.

This is the second time that Dr Spence’s train of hopes has derailed. In December 2015 the state government ignored the university’s case to route a new metro line via campus CMM December 17 2015).

He is not the only Group of Eight VC to be on the wrong-side of the tracks. Last week the Victorian Government announced the name of the station on the in-planning metro line that will service the University of Melbourne will be Parkville. UniMelb had lobbied for “University”.

But at least they still/will have trains. Next year the NSW government is shutting down the line that services Macquarie University, while it is reconfigured for new kit.


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