There’s more in the Mail

There’s more in the Mail

In EXPERT OPINION The British Academy is allocating small grants via lottery. Adrian Barnett from QUT advised the Brits on the scheme and makes the case for random selection of qualified apps. “When you have a highly competitive system … it’s like choosing your favourite shade of blue,” new in Expert Opinion, ep 15 HERE

And in FEATURES Merlin Crossley on the lecture – alive and well and adapting to the times.

plus James Guthrie (Macquarie U) on WA public universities 2021 financials, particularly UWA’s.

and  For work integrated learning to work it needs collaborative curriculum design. The Board of the Australian Collaborative Education Network makes the case in a contribution to Commissioning Editor Sally Kift’s celebrated series, Needed now in learning and teaching.

with Tim Winkler on the great Uni Tasmania debate – people are arguing about the wrong issue