The miraculous power of the uni logo

A community outrageathon led to Charles Sturt U abandoning its plan to drop the Charles and become Sturt U last month (CMM February 19). But management is still intent on tinkering, pressing on with plans to change logo and livery, as well as marketing. Staff meetings on how to do it are scheduled. “We are really excited to renew the way we look and how we communicate,” DVC Jenny Roberts says.

How changing the former will improve the latter eludes CMM, but logos have a powerful hold on university leaders.

A learned reader from across the ditch points to a change in presentation of Victoria University of Wellington. The university wants to root its identity in where it actually is, by dropping Victoria, But the plan failed when the minister of education knocked it back after, you guessed it, a community appalladom.

Now, VUW has a new look on-line, the established Maori name, which was also set to change is gone and “of” is deleted, so the institution is now titled over three decks, Victoria University Wellington.

That should fix everything.


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