The Harbour City’s big two split state science awards

Rose Amal (UNSW) is the NSW Scientist of the Year

Professor Amal works on nanomaterials for solar and chemical energy applications.

UNSW researchers won another four NSW Premier’s Science Awards, David Keith (biological sciences), Susan Clark (medical biological sciences), Angelica Merlot (early career research – biological sciences), and Neeraj Sharma (early career research – physical sciences).

Three Uni Sydney scientists won awards; Nalini Joshi (the maths, earth sciences, chemistry, physics category), Albert Zomaya (engineering, ICT) and Stephanie Walton (innovation award for her therapies for corneal diseases).

The other winners are; John Wiggers (Hunter, New England Local Health District) for innovation in public sector science and engineering and Stuart Garth (Redeemer Baptist School, North Parramatta) for innovation in science/maths teaching).


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