Appointments, achievements

Macquarie U observers expect  Martin Parkinson to be named chancellor today. Dr Parkinson is both a former Treasury secretary and head of Prime Minister and Cabinet.  In a speech in August he spoke of education as a means to end entrenched inter-generational disadvantage. “Education is a key way for us to even-up those odds but to do that we need the best education system we can build and a culture that values learning.”

Graeme Samuel (Monash U) chairs and Andrew Macintosh (ANU) is a member of the Commonwealth’s new review of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act.

Uni Sydney announces the second cohort of Robinson Fellows (salary, research funding and mentoring to “help prepare them to transfer into a continuing academic position.”

Sally Gainsbury (School of Psychology). Samantha Solon-Biet (School of Medical Sciences). Anne Tiedeman (School of Public Heath). Anna Waterhouse (Heart Research Institute). Phree Lep Yeoh (School of Electrical and Information and Engineering). Sabin Zahirovic (School of Geosciences)