“Social Scientists like us”

The deep state asked social scientists how they can help with intel

The Office of National Intelligence, “on behalf of the National Intelligence Community” asked the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia, to have a look at US experience and what will work here.

The Academy recommends the intelligence community establish;

* a “strategic workforce training and recruitment plan”. “Social science research can provide an improved understanding of learning and development requirements, emerging trends in social networks and systems, cyber security threats, impact and engagement of messaging, and other emerging needs”

* a dedicated academic outreach branch to coordinate and oversee interactions with the social science research community,” “one step towards creating effective and secure pathways of sharing problems, approaches, and analyses between the NIC and social science researchers.”

* “an audit of existing research schemes to identify the social science disciplines already contributing to intelligence priorities and the potential for future contributions.”

* “the NIC should develop a research-intelligence ‘air-lock’ which will act as a secure space for social science researchers and the NIC to engage in an unclassified environment.”

Whatever the response, even being asked should cheer-up the Academy. In May, it complained the social sciences were being too-much ignored in funding of the nine National Research Priorities (CMM May 29).


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