Seek and ye shall find micro-credentials

The Micro-Credentials Market Place is set to go – just with a different name

The (NSW-ACT) Universities Admission Centre which is creating the product has been “onboarding” providers for a bit (CMM October 31) and there’s a homepage for what is now “Microcred seeker.”

A product for people to present their tertiary quals and “learning credentials” is also in the works. In 2020 then education minister Dan Tehan announced $2.5m to develop a national credentials platform, which is now said to be in a “technical prototype phase to develop learnings.”

Whether it will include micro-credentials at launch is unclear. Mr Tehan originally expected the platform to launch last year, with “future phases to include recognition of microcredentials.”

Shame if it doesn’t – for the Commonwealth to be providing info on m-cs on one platform but not letting students point to them on another might put people off.