Reviewing the last review at Macquarie U

There’s a new review of admin in Science and Engineering at Macquarie U. No, not the one that started in 2016, no, not last year’s Project Catalyst – a new one

Faculty management has invited staff to contribute to a post-implementation review of the 2016 changes. Learned readers suggest they came at no small price to staff whose work was involved. But now, “there are two key questions to be considered” Operations Manager Meredith Lowe tells staff; did the changed structure work and have “requirements for administrative support changed.”  Learned readers suggest whatever the changes accomplished they generated more jobs. Ms Lowe advises professional staff numbers increased from 38 FTE to 49.

But did not Catalyst sort-out the new admin structure? Certainly not, that was about technical services. “Previous review projects have given us invaluable insights … however, recommendations arising from the reviews have not addressed our fundamental need to work smarter and more flexibly within a positive and constructive work culture,” then faculty dean Barbara Messerle told staff. (CMM November 12 2018).



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