Private trainers begin the long crawl to credibility

The private training industry association has launched a review programme for members to establish which “are student centric.” “The Australian Council for Private Education and Training has committed to lifting standards across the industry. We recognise the tremendous damage that can be caused by poor behaviour and will be driving the initiative to rebuild confidence in tertiary education and training,” ACPET chief Rod Camm says.

“It is a fundamentally new platform upon which we will build protection for students, ethical providers, employers and government, to recognise our certified members as the very best of the industry.”

Given the enduring public memory of spivs and shonks exploiting people in the great VET FEE HELP catastrophe this is an understandable step – although one in a journey to a new image that will  surely take the legitimate training industry a decade. And ACPET knows it. Last year it asked members for ideas on a name change (which hasn’t happened yet), CMM July 11.


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