Appointments and achievements

Ashley Goldsworthy is the inaugural patron of the Business Higher Education Round Table.  The appointment recognises his career-long encouragement of business-university collaboration.

Fadi Charchar is the new dean of graduate studies at Federation University. He researches cardiovascular genomics there.

The Human Frontier Science Programme has announced 2018 awards including funding for Australians, largely from the University of Queensland. The grants support team members for three years.

The HFSP “funds frontier research in the life sciences.”  Members are the European Union and a collection of countries mainly from the top-income half of the OECD.

Programe Grants

Alexandrov Kirill (UoQ) is a member of a team working on electronic signals to control cellular biochemistry.

Claudia Vickers (UoQ) and international colleagues are funded to study, “protein nanocages as single molecular reactors.”

Adam Claridge Chang (originally ANU now National University of Singapore) joins with scholars studying “architecture of postsynaptic density”.

Taras Plakhotnik (UoQ) works with researchers from Japan Singapore and Russia on, “nanoscale heat transfer phenomena” for inter and intra cellular signalling/shaping

Ryan O’Handley (UniAdelaide) and others are studying transmission dynamics in a “ubiquitous parasite”

Young Investigators

Ian Parish (Peter MacCallum Centre Cancer Centre), “detecting inequity in dendritic cells”


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