PM’s Prizes for Science

Mathematician Cheryl Praeger was awarded the Prime Minister’s Prize for Science last night. The UWA emeritus professor was the first woman president of the Australian Mathematical Society. According to UWA, she was the first pure mathematician to win an ARC Federation Fellowship (2007-2012) and the first mathematician to be  WA’s scientist of the year in 2009.  UWA adds her mathematical work features in more than 400 journal articles, and calls her, “one of the most successful academics in the southern hemisphere.”

“Maths really holds the answer to anything we want to do in life,” Professor Praeger said.

Other award winners last night include

Innovation: Peter Czabotar, David Huang, Guillaume Lessene, Andrew Roberts (Walter and Eliza Hall)

Life Scientist: Laura Mackay (Peter Doherty Institute)

Physical Scientist: Elizabeth New (Uni Sydney)



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