Pitching to elite undergrads

Universities in competitive student-recruitment markets are keen to burnish their brands as elite institutions. The University of Adelaide is offering 100 guaranteed 2019 enrolments for high-performing STEM students in Year 12 at four prestige high schools. The offer is independent of the ATAR process. “”With mathematics being so critical to the future prosperity of our state and the nation, we believe something should be done to encourage students with the aptitude for studying maths to pursue this field at the highest level,” dean of engineering Anton Middelberg says.

James Cook U is also pitching for UG talent, increasing scholarships for high-achievers by an additional annual 63, starting next year. Provost Chris Cocklin says “JCU is a world-class university, and we want high achieving students from our region and beyond to consider JCU as their first choice.” Although how much consideration the money will buy is another thing – the schols are worth $5000 over three years.


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