Palatial promises in Vic election

You would think there was an election on what with the way the Victorian state government is making promises. First there was the great Melbourne circling metro-line, including stops servicing Monash Clayton, La Trobe Bundoora and Deakin Burwood. Then there was a new hospital to be built adjacent to Victoria U. And now the state government, promises a $5bn “university city of the future” at La Trobe U. This looks a lot like what Curtin U is already building with research facilities plus housing and offices. The La Trobe plan also includes an expansion of the hospital at LT U. Curiously, there is no mention of a start date, although government and university are funding a $2m feasibility study.

CMM suspects the big university winner out of all these promises will be VU – there is an actual start date (2020) and costings ($200m) for the hospital.


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