Online study life-line performs in pilots

The results of federally funded pilots of On Task, “providing personalised, timely support to large student cohorts,” are coming in. Project lead Abelardo Pardo (University of Sydney) who describes how OT works here, reports progress.

The University of South Australia used OT in a biological science course with 200 plus students. They received three personalised feedback messages in OT, prepared by the instructors, with data showing an increase in engagement.

The University of Sydney piloted OT with 600 engineering students in engineering. They received ten personalised emails from the instructor with suggestions and feedback on engaging with weekly activities. “The study data showed a significant increase in student satisfaction with feedback and a slight increase in academic performance.”

Associate Professor Pardo adds that further studies at UNSW and University of Texas, Arlington will report in the middle of next year. “Overall, we are very pleased with the response of the stakeholder groups,” he says.


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