HEADS UP: winners of the working week

UNE lecturer Erica Smith is the Royal Australian Chemistry Institute’s educator of the year. Dr Smith is honoured for her university lecturing and high school outreach.

Alan Peters is the new head of the University of Adelaide School of Architecture and Built Environment. Professor Peters will join UniAdelaide from UNSW in February.

Sarah Walsh is Flinders University’s new marketing directorMs Walsh joins from Brand South Australia where she was credited with the “I choose SA” campaign (“whenever you choose South Australian you are helping that company employ people”).

Mark Considine will become provost of the University of Melbourne in February, replacing Margaret Sheil, who is moving to be vice chancellor at QUT. Carolyn Evans will add international to her portfolio in January, while a DVC I is recruited. Professor Evans is also deputy VCdeputy provost for graduate programmes and assistant VC for advancement.

La Trobe University announced staff awards this week;

Teaching excellence: Sara James, Sarah Midford, Quinn Eades (arts, social sciences and commerce)

Outstanding contributions to student learning: Rob O’Shea and Elvan Djouma (life sciences), Louise Lexis and Brianna Julien (science, health and engineering), Sara James, Sarah Midford, Quinn Eades (arts, social sciences and commerce), Phillip Edwards (arts, social sciences and commerce)

Research excellence, early career: Sarah Hayes (historical archaeology), Angie Haslem (human impact on native species and ecosystem),

Research excellence, mid career: Suresh Mathivanan (exosomes in cancer/intercellular communication), Kerstin Steiner (Southeast Asian legal systems)

Delivering/contributing to outstanding student experience: Kym Barbary (education),

Improving student employability: Leigh Drake, Sue Davies, Jason Brown, Irene Manzo, Rylan Gan (Career Ready Employability Project Team)

Improving student employability: highy commended: Andrew Butt, Katharine McKinnon, Julie Rudner, Melissa Kennedy (Bendigo Community Planning and Development Team)

Delivering/contributing research excellence: Tall Poppies team, Tony Gendall, Caroline Bathje, James Hunt, Mathew Lewsey (poppie yields)

Contributing to operational excellence: Linda Robertson, Rob Trentin, Alia Richardson, Lisa White (Injury management services team)

Customer service excellence: Alex Lugg, Sejal Kendal, Catherine Hayden, Georgina Caruana, Rosa Ward, Deepa Balakrishnan, Simon Kerr, Andrea Ramirez Garcia (Research office grants team)

Customer service excellence: Natalia Alvarez-Lopez (Industry partnerships)

Living the La Trobe cultural qualities: Andrew Harvey, Naomi Tootell, Lisa Andrewartha, Michael Luckman, Hannah Beattie, Giovanna Szalkowicz, Beni Gakitaki, Mark Mallman, Bret Stephenson (all Centre for higher education equity and diversity research), John McDonald and Pamela Burley (Social partnerships programme), Siobhan Lappin (Equity & diversity), Campbell Hulme (Admissions), Tess Noone (Scholarships), Anne Lyon and Emma Fox (Student Development Advising Programme).



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