Nursing as usual: major education review shelved

The Commonwealth has (quietly) responded to the Schwartz Review of Nursing Education

Triple VC (Brunel, Murdoch and Macquarie universities) Steven Schwartz filed late 2019 and the Commonwealth has now responded to his recommendations.

Professor Schwartz comprehensively addressed issues really relevant to nurse education institutions with suggestions including, independent assessment of literacy and numeracy of candidates for nurse registration, a database of accredited courses, four-year degrees for registered nurses and more placement hours for bachelor courses. He also called for a review of funding for UG nurse education (CMM December 6 2019).

Health Minister Greg Hunt now calls the report “a significant opportunity for the nursing profession, together with the higher education sector … to develop a coordinated view of what needs to be done.”

But not who will do it. Mr Hunt says the Commonwealth will “facilitate consideration” of the review’s recommendations but the majority, “relate to areas which are not within the Australian Government’s direct responsibility.” Overall the feds support two recommendations, support one in principle and “note” 24.