Nothing cryptic about currency at RMIT

Paris based Kaiko, which reports data on crypto-currencies, rates RMIT third in the world for researching digital assets

RMIT “is known for cutting edge innovation when it comes to combining economic and technological research,” in this case “on cryptoeconomics and the quickly expanding blockchain economy,” the consultancy claims.

The complete Kaiko list is Cambridge U, MIT, RMIT, Princeton U, University College London, Stanford U, Cornell U, Uni Toulouse, Imperial College London and National Uni Singapore.

There’s more going at RMIT than investigating blockchain economics.

Chris BergSinclair Davidson, Jason Potts and colleagues argue the blockchain can transform society, by providing an alternative to the state’s authority as record-keeper (CMM October 30 2017) and identity verifier (CMM November 9 2017 ).

Berg, Davidson and Potts, Understanding the Blockchain Economy, will be published by Edward Elgar in August. A snip at US$125, sorry no idea what that is in bitcoin.


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