Planning to replace the state with the blockchain

The blockchain subversives at RMIT are at it again. Chris Berg, Sinclair Davidson  and Jason Potts recently published a paper arguing that the blockchain can end the state’s record-keeping function of verifying and validating transactions in property rights (CMM October 30). Now they are hosting an invitation-only workshop on a blockchain baseddecentralised identity architecture.”

“Most commercial transactions require the use of identity technologies that have been largely monopolised by the state – driver licences, passports, Medicare numbers etc. This is often costly and inefficient, resulting in economic distortions and services not always reaching those who need them” But a blockchain “can facilitate the creation of decentralised identity protocols (and) allow the individual greater control over their identity, and a more nuanced ability to divulge sensitive information about them.”

The workshop is intended to establish “an agreement on decentralised identity architecture” for use in policy development.



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