No happy new year for Swinburne childcare

The Swinburne Community Childcare Co-Op’s near 50-year partnership with Swinburne U is over

The centre is closing on December 22, not just for Christmas, forever. In part it is because the university jacked the rent up last year. And with numbers down during Covid, the Co-op has no more reserves. A letter last week from the committee of management tells families that the university “is not willing to provide any support or rent concession required to keep the centre operational.”

To which the university responds, it “has worked to support the centre in a number of ways within the realms of what is possible for both parties to remain compliant with relevant laws.” And as to rent it is, “at the lowest possible value for the university in line with advice from the Valuer General of Victoria.”

“Swinburne management is committed to working with those Swinburne families impacted who need our support to consider their options,” the university adds.

Perhaps Uni Swinburne staff stuck for childcare after the holidays could drop the kids off at the C-Suite.


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