Appointment, achievements

Michael Goodsite becomes PVC Energy Futures at Uni Adelaide. It’s an internal appointment.

Uni Adelaide announces the Stephen Cole the Elder Awards;

* Michelle McArthur (Animal and Vet Science) – teaching * Benjamin McCann (Humanities) – teaching * Adam Montagu (Adelaide Health Simulation) – teaching * Anna Szorenyi (Social Sciences) – HDR supervision

Uni Southern Queensland staff awards go to;

* Academic Integrity Framework Team (Daniel Chalker, Renee Desmarchelier, Luke Drury, Rian Roux, Jasmine Thomas) – Innovation and Change * Nikki Anderson (Library Services) – Diversity/Inclusion * Katharine Bigby (student accom) – Values-based leadership * Bryenn Birch (Engineering) STEMM teaching * Katie  Burke (Education) – Education leadership * Melissa Fanshawe (Education) – Education leadership * Melissa Forbes (Creative Arts) – Community Engagement * Lauren Humby (Law and Justice) – HASS teaching * Sarah Hunt (DVC R office) – research service * Introductory Statistics Education Team (Taryn Axelsen, Rachel King) (Mathematics, Physics, Computing) – Teaching * Rasheda Khanam (Business) – PGR supervision * Tek Maraseni (Sustainable Ag Systems) – Research * Sonja March (Health Research) – women in STEMM * Melissa Taylor (Nursing, Midwifery) ECR