New RMIT VC: he’s going to feel at home

Alec Cameron (ex UNSW and UWA) will return from Aston U in the UK

It’s a step-up in size for Professor Cameron, Aston U has little more than a tenth the students of 100 000-strong RMIT. But like RMIT, Aston is big in bized and STEM strong – its planning to get stronger. In April Aston U proposed dropping history and languages.

Aston is also a goodish-fit with dual sector RMIT, “having pioneered” degree-apprenticeships in the UK.

Ante-Aston, Professor Cameron was a DVC at UWA which he joined in 2013, from UNSW where he was dean of business and DVC R. While at UWA he was briefly famous for putting a price ($16 000 pa) on what degrees there would cost if the Pyne plan to deregulate fees had happened (CMM October 14 2014).

Like RMIT predecessor Martin Bean, Professor Cameron is keen on on-line. At UWA his portfolio developed the 2014 Education Futures Plan, which committed staff to, “provide students with a wide range of blended learning experiences through the use of various learning technologies.” Routine now but radical enough then to upset staff, who complained it emphasised digital teaching over professional development for in-person classes CMM September 18 2015).

At Aston, Professor Cameron is big on partnerships, signing on with US services provider Keypath for it to supply research, marketing, student recruitment and support for on-line graduate business degrees (CMM July 21 2017). More masters were added last year.

RMIT says his appointment follows a “global recruitment programme over many months.”  Professor Bean’s departure was announced at the beginning of March, effective last month. Until Professor Cameron arrives early 2022 COO Dionne Higgins continues to act.


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