Need for speed in research publishing

For-profit publisher Taylor and Francis announces a pay to publish service for biomedical researchers with news that can’t wait

Articles can be published in a range of journals in five weeks from submission for a US$7000 fee.

“Acceptance of articles in all journals offering accelerated publication is driven entirely by editorial considerations and independent peer review, ensuring the highest standards are maintained no matter the route to publication,” T&F states.

And to compensate peer reviewers for moving things along, they will be paid, just not much – a US$150 honorarium.

Taylor and Francis suggests the service helps researchers  “keep competitive advantage by getting your discoveries to market quickly.”

For people who can afford to wait, there is a cheaper nine-week service and a “standard-track” 16-week publication process without author charges.

With open access challenging “pay to read/publish” business models and academics annoyed by long selection and production cycles this appears a way for the publisher to extract value from the traditional journal model.