Ministers increase oversight of teacher education

State and commonwealth education ministers have empowered AITSL to enforce initial teacher education standards. At Friday’s minco the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership was given seven new tasks, notably: advising state regulators on education faculties’ teacher performance assessments, developing national agreement on meeting accreditation standards, analysing the “impact” of ITE programmes and advising ministers on future work to ensure national consistency.

AITSL is unsurprisingly pleased, with CEO Lisa Rodgers saying yesterday AITSL is; “committed to supporting the national reforms so Australian school students have a teacher that is classroom ready from day one.”

This does not go anywhere near as far as the House of Representatives committee that called in May for a “reconstituted” AITSL to regulate teacher educationCMM May 31 2018). But it’s a certainly more oversight of education faculties.


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