Parly committee calls for teacher education regulation (but not on entry scores)

Every now and again there is an outbreak of outrage over teacher training but deans of education just keep quiet until it goes away. It will be interesting to see what they do with a new proposal which isn’t the regular demand for minimum academic subject standards for entry into education courses. Instead a House of Reps committee wants to “reconstitute” the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership to regulate teacher education. And it wants higher education providers to demonstrate, “evidence-based pedagogical approaches, effective integration of professional experience, rigorous and iterative assessment of pre-service teachers.”
The recommendations from the Standing Committee on Employment, Education and Training’s report on school to work transition are repeated from the 2014 Teacher Education Ministerial Advisory Group (2014).

In a better result for the deans ,the committee also argues higher entry requirements for teaching degrees will not necessarily lift standards, concluding; “this evidence suggests that, whatever the university entrance score, a teaching degree allows students to learn and grow into the role of a teacher. Suggestions such as ‘raising the university entrance score for teaching’ may not, without a change in remuneration and attitudes to teaching result in better teachers.


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