Micro-credentials stay in the stats cold, for now

The Australian Bureau of Statistics was looking at including m-cs in the ANZ Standard Classifications of Occupations. Was.

The bureau asked for submissions and it reports that while the majority were supportive a “small number” weren’t – and they were the ones it paid particular attention to.

“These submissions expressed concerns that micro-credentials should not replace regulated qualifications (currently described by the Australian Qualifications Framework) and therefore not be used when recognising skill within ANZSCO. They also noted the AQF did not currently include micro-credentials as the inclusion of multiple short courses would be difficult to maintain.”

Perhaps some such submitters were among the “stakeholders” who told the Noonan review in 2019 to leave m-cs out of the AQF (CMM June 17 2021).

But as to being difficult to maintain records of m-cs, tell it to the Universities Admission Centre, which is about to launch the Commonwealth’s new Microcred seeker (CMM November 22). UAC advises it will provide site maintenance.

The ABS says m-cs are out for now, but once MC-seeker is up, “analysis of the resulting dataset may be undertaken with a view to revisiting this position.”