Meanwhile, at the boat face

Defence Minister Chris Pyne has finally launched the “transformativeNaval Shipbuilding College, in Adelaide. But he did not have to speak up to be heard above the noise of anybody actually learning how build a ship. The College has a website where you can register “for tailored advice from a career consultant to help find the right education or training pathway for you” and “be matched with future job or apprentice opportunities.”

Alternatively, anybody interested in learning shipbuilding skills could talk to providers who already have scores on the slips. Like the University of Tasmania’s Australian Maritime College, which actually knows a bit about marine engineering – it’s part of a US Department of Defence research programme on hull shapes and propellers (CMM February 19). The College is systematically establishing alliances with TAFEs to offer pathway programmes, signing with WA’s South Metro TAFE in August, (CMM August 23) and NSW TAFE yesterday.


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