Undergrad courses and where to seek them

The feds have quietly released Course Seeker, which seems strange given it is peak season for its purpose, to provide comprehensive information and transparent comparisons on higher education courses across the country. The new site includes all universities, some higher education providers, with more to come, and provides data on undergraduate courses, and especially important, entry requirements.

There is bunch of clunky (the clunkiest) promotional copy to ignore on institution pages, but overall it is really useful, allowing users to create their own cross-institution list of courses they want to compare.

Course Seeker arises out of a recommendation of a Higher Education Standards Panel discussion paper on undergraduate entry, “a guide to admissions policies and student enrolments should be made available through a single online platform for ease of access,” (CMM April 7 2016).

It’s not a one-stop shop for people looking where to study but it provides information for prospective students who have already created a shortlist from the excellent Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching student experience survey.


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