Macquarie U to abolish another management unit

MU is “disestablishing” the University Services and Strategy portfolio.

Yes, that’s the one, the portfolio unit created a year back, with Saveria Dimasi hired from Uni Queensland to run it. “This critical role plays a huge part in our ability to deliver a range of key services to our students, our staff and in their engagement with other stakeholders.  I look forward to working closely with Saveria,” Vice Chancellor S Bruce Dowton said when he announced the portfolio in September ’18.

A year on Professor Dowton tells staff closing it , “will reduce the size of the executive, simplify the professional services structure, align organisational units with cognate groups of colleagues and deliver savings in costs.”

Portfolio functions will be reallocated to People and Services, Finance and Resources and the General Counsel

On Monday Professor Dowton announced the Human Sciences faculty will be abolished, with its constituent departments reallocated, (CMM October 29).


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