Macquarie U sticks with staff cuts

Management has consulted with the workforce but is not swayed from its plan to reduce professional staff costs by $25m this year and those of academics by an extra $19.2m (CMM November 4, December 9).

VP People, Nicole Dower tells staff that “some adjustments” are made following staff consultation, however the professional services transformation plan is on

So is the prop for academics; although $6m in savings from voluntary redundancies is “providing some progress” towards the $25.2m total. And plans for head-count cuts will only occur in three faculties. Arts “has achieved its 2021 savings target” from voluntary redundancies “and other employment savings.”

Other academics will get another chance to leave voluntarily.

Ms Dower adds, “additional insights” into the saving plans will be provided by Vice Chancellor S Bruce Dowton at a staff “town hall meeting” today.

Perhaps some-one will ask for the number of people who have lost jobs over the last couple of years, including casuals.